The Book – MEGLC!

In 2016 I was heading off to a meeting of our local Geography hub. Knowing I would be getting there early I looked for a book to pick up from the school CPD library. There, nestled between books with garish covers and shouting titles was a buff hardback book with a title that promised great things. I picked up Making Every Lesson Count and headed out the door.

Sat in the coffee shop with this book in hand I was entranced. Finally there was a book that clearly articulated what I had been feeling for some time: that few things were as important as clear teacher explanation, that pupils should be challenged and supported, not given differentiated objectives, that feedback meant more than marking.


The diagram that launched a thousand lessons

Reading this book started me reading educational research, blogging and joining twitter. It is because of this book that I re-discovered my passion for teaching and started writing about it for TES, The Guardian and others. You can imagine how excited I was to be asked to write Making Every Geography Lesson Count!

This book will pick up on the six principle outlined in Making Every Lesson Count and consider how they will be applied in the geography classroom with strategies informed by research, case studies and a wealth of personal experience.

You can pre-order a copy today – right here.