A Culture of Excellence – Excellent Geography 

What does excellence look like in your subject? That is the question that my department will be putting at the heart of all we do over the next year. 

For the last two years we have focused on increasing aspiration and expecting excellence. I wanted to ensure that we had a culture where everyone wanted to succeed; to achieve this we came up with an action plan that clearly set out the structures that would need to be put in place to support this culture. I found this approach incredibly helpful as it turned what could have been a slogan and some wishful thinking into a reality. You can see the action plan and its review here.

I have seen a demonstrable change in the work that pupils produce, more pride in their work and, most importantly, tests and assessments show an improvement in what is being learnt. Whilst we need to keep these plates spinning it is also time we move on.

Our new priority is to focus on the curriculum. We want to ensure that we create excellent Geographers at the end of a seven year course. We also need to be aware though that some pupils will end the course after just two years, and many more after five. We therefore need to think very carefully about our expectations at the end of each key stage.

Here is the first draft of our new action plan and I would certainly welcome any further ideas and feedback.

I am excited that we are taking the time to focus not on generic goals but on our subject. We have the chance to explore what we consider the very best of our subject to be and how we can best ensure that our pupils go out into the world as excellent Geographers we a deep understanding of the world around them.


4 thoughts on “A Culture of Excellence – Excellent Geography 

  1. Thank you for taking the time to post your journey it’s inspirational in many respects. I work at Angmering near Durrington and would love to collaborate with you. We are just starting our excellent journey!…..

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  2. HI Mark,
    I love all your stuff, so helpful. I, too, am looking at developing something along these lines at Midhurst Rother College in September. Can I please pick your brain?
    Thank you.


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