Becoming a part of something

According to my wife I have a need to join in; the desire to be part of something bigger. It is probably no surprise then that I am excited and intrigued by the potential for the Chartered College of Teachers, which opened to members on Wednesday, and to which I was feverishly signing up to by 5am.
The stated aim if the college

The Chartered College of Teaching invites you to join us as a Founding Member. We aim to support the profession by providing access to the expertise that teachers need to achieve and maintain genuine excellence.

The Chartered College will offer a pathway to professional development for those working in education to support their career and help to develop teaching practice. Through our online networks and regional communities, we will connect the teaching profession and provide a collective voice for teachers.”

My hopes for the Chartered College

My hope is that the college will help to raise the profile of teaching as a profession. I have been concerned that over the years we have seen a deskilling of teachers. There has been an attitude from governments that it is a job anyone can do with the minimum of training and without qualifications. I have seen examples of schools where one teacher in each subject plans out every lesson to the letter, to be delivered by unqualified or recently qualified members of staff who are not permitted to deviate from the script and whose teaching is never developed. The Chartered College should be able to make the case that our children deserve the very best teachers with the very best training. 

I have seen people call for more research based practice but at the same time say that teachers can’t understand this educational research. I hope that the college will address these weaknesses through access to original research as well as a journal making this research accessible. 

One conclusion I drew from reading CleverLands is that in those countries where education is successful they have a well respected and well organised teaching profession. I hope that the College will help to give us that organisation and help to move teaching away from the endless meddling of politicians. 

We have a louder voice when we shout together. We are stronger when we pull together. 


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